About John

Welshman with a French upbringing, currently a resident of Cardiff city.

Houmous lover and Falafel fiend, I spend most of my days working with a mental health charity.

I've recently experienced a bit of an artistic epiphany, and am trying my hand at anything from painting through to singing, though the majority of my creative energy is currently focused on running a Norse-themed Dungeons and Dragons game.

I also plan to eventually sit down and force myself to write young adult urban fantasy book--as soon as I develop enough self discipline to get to work and not surf wikipedia/facebook.

When it comes to food, I'm a huge fan of the fancy-yet-achievable school of thought. It's got to be tasty, and if it's inexpensive and good for you, all the better. Biggest food peeve at the moment? Stupidly arbitrary portion sizes on food labels. This tin of soup only has 99 calories! Woah! Oh wait, that's per half can serving? Who the heck eats half a can of soup?